Photo by Ron Simmons

Companions Aid Ill Explorer in 3-Mile Trip to Entrance
New York Times, 2/18/54

CRYSTAL CAVE, Ky., Feb. 17 - Fellow explorers inside Crystal Cave began today the tortuous task of bringing out a school teacher who became ill three miles from the entrance.

Miss Marguerite M. Klein, 27 years old, of Chevy Chase, Md. Was linked to her companions with safety ropes as they began the journey of crawling and climbing at 5 P.M. (Eastern standard time). Normally the trip requires six hours, but more time was expected to be needed in this case. Dangerous pits, crevices and cliffs line the way.

Miss Klein, who became ill of asthma and vertigo (dizzy spells), rested in a sleeping bag for several hours, then was able to start the trip under her own power. Dr. Ned Foster of New York, at present assigned to the Philadelphia General Hospital, accompanied her.

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