Photo by Ron Simmons

Roger Brucker in
Crystal Cave, 2006
Roger Brucker

    Modern-Day Caveman
    CBS News, March 13, 2010

    Just Your Average Weekend Warrior
    Men's Fitness Magazine, September, 2001

    Upsouth Featured Writer: Roger Brucker
    The Amplifier, August 2001

    Piano Smashing
    Troglodyte Tribune, August, 1999

Grand, Gloomy, and Peculiar

    Stephen Bishop...the greatest caver of his time
    NSS News, November, 2009

    "...a fine novel."

    Book Tells Story of African American Cave Explorer Stephen Bishop

    Author still inspires generations of cavers
    Dayton Daily News, 11/01/09

    Mammoth Cave Guide Intrigues Author
    Bowling Green Daily News, 10/24/09

    PART 1 of "Northern Kentucky Magazine" TV interview
    Oct. 7, 2009

    PART 2 of "Northern Kentucky Magazine" TV interview
    Oct. 7, 2009

    Cincinnati Edition WVXU-FM radio interview
    Oct. 17, 2009

Beyond Mammoth Cave

    Beyond Mammoth Cave
    Descent Magazine, Oct./Nov., 2001

    Spunky spelunkers prove cave network is world's largest
    Indianapolis Star, 9/14/01

    "Mammoth Cave soon to be over 1,000 miles"
    say two veteran explorers coming to county

    The Hart County News-Herald, 08/07/2001

    Dedicated explorer chronicles Mammoth undertaking
    Columbus Dispatch, 6/09/01

    Exploring with Roger Brucker and James Borden
    Authors follow underground obsession into world's longest cave

    Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/25/01

    Getting Down
    Cave rivalry includes tight squeezes and treacherous climbs

    Cincinnati CityBeat, March 15-21, 2001

    Cave book Mammoth undertaking
    Dayton Daily News, 3/10/01

    Cave Dwell
    Cave crusaders talk about love for Mammoth Cave

    Bowling Green Daily News, 2/22/01

    A book of 'Mammoth' proportion
    WSU instructor examines cave expansion

    The Guardian (Wright State University), 3/7/01

    Columbus Dispatch, 4/25/01

Roger Brucker and reporter Chris Burrell in the Valley of Decision, in Crystal Cave.
Photo by Robert Sexton

Roger in Crystal Cave
Photo by Robert Sexton

Photo by Robert Sexton

Roger Brucker and film producer Robert Halmi, Sr., chairman of RHI Entertainment, Inc., in February, 2008. The pair met in 1954, when Halmi was a photojournalist assigned to cover the C-3 Expedition, which became the subject of The Caves Beyond. Some of his photos are in the book. Halmi later went on to become a prolific, award-winning producer of movies and television mini-series.

    Trapped caver's story makes for unusual musical
    Wisconsin State Journal/77 Square, 9/01/2009

    WVXU-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio, 9/02/06
    Reporter Chris Burrell journeys with Roger into
    Crystal Cave
    Click here for the mp3 or
    click here for WVXU's online archives.

    KET-TV's "Kentucky Life"
    with host Dave Shuffett, September, 2007

    WKEF-TV, Dayton, Ohio, 5/24/2006
    Watch a video clip.

    Terror Underground
    Book about trapped caver, media frenzy is headed for big screen
    Associated Press, 3/25/2006

    Beavercreek resident's book to hit big screen
    Xenia Daily Gazette, 9/28/06

    Local author's book to become motion picture
    Dayton Business Journal, 06/02/06

    Billy Bob Explores the Caves, 2/22/06

    Collins' saga turned into a national sensation
    Lexington Herald-Leader, 4/8/01

The Caves Beyond

    Cave Women Join Men In Exploring Great Labyrinth
    New York Times, 2/16/54

    Teacher Leaving Cave
     Companions Aid Ill Explorer in 3-Mile Trip to Entrance

    New York Times, 2/18/54

    Found by Accident
    Cincinnati Times-Star, 2/19/54

    Underground Monster
    Cincinnati Times-Star, 2/20/54

    Explorers Quit Cave
    They Are Highly Pleased With Week's Exile Underground

    New York Times, 2/21/54

    Explorers Find Hidden River, New Caverns In Crystal Cave
    Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/4/56

The Longest Cave

    "The Longest Cave" (review)
    Time Magazine, 8/16/76

    Speleologists at Work
    New York Times, 8/4/76

    Link Found Between Two Major Cave Systems
    New York Times, 12/2/72

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