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Speleology Course at Mammoth Cave National Park
June 19-25, 2011

Not just an introductory caving course, Roger Brucker's speleology course delves into the basics of cave science that lead to insight and understanding essential in making discoveries. It is an experience in which extensive cave trips tie together hydrology,geology, biology, and ecology by the use of discovery techniques such as exploration and cave surveying. For more information and to register, please visit

The 2009 course was a big success. CBS News even did a story about it. click here

Roger and students from the 2009 class.
Front row: Laura Hardy, Lynn Brucker, Joyce Hoffmaster. Back row: Dan Greger, Ashley Gholson, Roger Brucker, John Armstrong, David Carson, Tony Styer.

Student David Carson (left) and CBS News correspondent Mark Strassman walking to Adwell Cave.

Roger Brucker and teaching assistant
Joyce Hoffmaster.

Students Laura Hardy and David Carson practice surveying in Adwell Cave.

CBS News photographer Max Stacy follows Roger Brucker through the Historic section of Mammoth Cave.

CBS News photographer Max Stacy adjusts his camera.

CBS News photographer Max Stacy preparing to shoot an interview with Roger Brucker, inside Adwell Cave.

CBS News correspondent Mark Strassman interviews Roger.

Students walk to Adwell Cave. Pictured, left to right: Dan Greger, Ashley Gholson, Tony Styer, Laura Hardy, John Armstrong and Joyce Hoffmaster.

CBS News correspondent Mark Strassman, Roger Brucker and CBS News producer Carrie Rabin.

CBS News correspondent Mark Strassman climbing in Adwell Cave.

NSS News article about the course
Roger Brucker and students of the 2002 Speleology Course.

More information at

Roger and students at Floyd Collins' house on Flint Ridge.
What former students say about Roger Brucker and his Speleology Course

"This course is an informative step in preserving cave ecology. One of the best teachers I've ever had."

"It helped me to understand the caves better. The instructor had a lot of insight not only about caves, but the people involved in exploring and studying the caves. Discussions were very thought-provoking in terms of applying what was taught and shown in the caves we visited."

Students examine a sinkhole near Mammoth Cave.

"(Roger) explained things so that everyone could understand; not just the scientist. He is personable, funny, and a great explorer."

"I especially enjoyed the discussion of the formation of the cave, the biology, and the caving. Roger is a great guy. Not only is he a great explorer, but he is also a wonderful storyteller. I really loved hearing the stories of the discoveries and Flint Ridge caves."

"Great info on development of karst & caves. Great sense of humor. Generally would recommend to more experienced cavers."

"Instructor was extremely knowledgeable. Roger is one of those really brilliant people that you don't often meet."

"Outstanding instructor. Always adds personal experiences to enrich the material. Concerned about each individual."

"This was a great week, a unique experience."

Roger explains how mirabilite, a mineral, forms in caves.

"Roger is a great instructor and a lot of fun."

"Lots of info, lots of caving. Got to see parts of Flint Ridge most people only get to read about. (Roger's) colorful presentation of the material brought it to life and helped it to 'sink in.'"

"The opportunity to occasionally do something extra based on group strength & camaraderie. The challenge, the feel and satisfaction of moving in the footsteps of explorers. Instructor's vast store of knowledge and anecdotes take this from being a mere course to the wonderful immersion experience it is. He gives confidence to students."

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